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Post  wenonah4th on Sat Aug 16, 2008 7:09 am

I think there's some misunderstanding of the term "Quiver Full" or "Full Quiver" out there online. First of all, it's spelled either as two words or as a hyphenated word ("Quiver-full"), not "Quiverful". That with one "L" would mean "full of quivers" which is not quite what we're talking about...an archery competition would be "quiverful".

Second, a couple doesn't have to have a very large family to be QF, and not every very large family is necessarily QF either, though many are. Being QF means you leave your fertility up to God. No birth control, no fertility drugs, and definitely seeing children as blessings. People can be QF with a dozen-plus children as the Duggars and others have, or none at all if they're never blessed with any, or anywhere in between. There's no point at which a family goes from not being QF to being QF based solely on the number of children.

I thought about putting this in the Anti thread, but I don't want to flame anyone by simply clearing up misconceptions, which is all I'm doing.


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